Sunday, May 23, 2004

and the rain came down

WOW. It is raining in Michigan. Can you believe it? I suppose it is a good thing. But enough! Thank you, Jesus.

Tomorrow will be spent with the 4th grade of class from GRIFFIN Elementary. We will be touring the capital and several others places. I get to head up a group of all girls. Conversation will not be a problem.

Well, it has been a great weekend. Lots of relaxing time with the daughter. That has been good. We have been walking and talking alot. Which is great.

Tuesday is a big day as I will be meeting with the WEST Michigan District board of the Wesleyan church. I have been seeking advise from several sources. All keep saying that I NEED to just be myself and all will be good. I can't wait. I plan to have fun with it.

Becca & I are at Thompson's house spending life together. And I am being rude by blogging and trying to keep up with conversation. Season finale for Alias tonight. I want to meet Jennifer G. some day.

Just rollin, rollin, rollin
Becca's dad

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BJ said...

Have a blast with it Carter! Remember part of the whole deal is the way God uses the Body to help discern our spiritual gifts and calling - praying it will be a rich time of affirmation and discovery.

BJ the JB