Monday, May 03, 2004

Well it is Monday morning. The 2nd day of the week. That is a habit I picked up for SLWC. Yesterday was DAY ONE. In some regard it is good to think of it this way.

Speaking of the weekend. The RECAP:

Friday night was great. Becca and I went to visit some dear friends. Not deer, Deurty, dear. It was great. Becca gets along great with their daughter. I get along great with the parents. They get along with me. It is a win-win-win scenario. Is that possible? Anyway, I was able to get some really needed insight into an issue I am dealing with. THAT WAS GOOD. The only thing I feel really bad about staying as late as we did. So to them I apologize publicly. I hope the soccer game went well.

Saturday - I am such a bad dad. It was cold. I went to the wrong soccer field. And Becca did not have a coat. In fact, I had a short sleeve T-shirt on and it was cold. The game was a Mulligans Hollow. Which for you non-Grand Haveners is right near the channel which leads to Lake Michigan. The wind and rain at times was cold. Did I mention is was cold? Thank God, Becca's responsible parent - her mom - was there to save the day. When it was all said and done, the score was close, we had hot chocolate and it was good and the girl was happy. Which of course makes dad happy.

So we went to the library to do some research on the movie Mean Girls. Becca really wanted to see it because of the actress whose name I am not remembering right now. Anyway, in this case, thank God for the internet. The reviews are not very good and certainly not appropriate for a 10 year old. So we saw Ella enchanted instead. Again, the girl was happy and dad happy too.

Sunday morning - Yes, I am pleased to announce, after several phone calls from caring people Sunday morning, that I made it to the gathering on time. WAAHOO! Thompson hit a home run as far as I can say. Great service. Band was on! The theme for the morning was on prayer. What is the prayer life all about? It is great to part of Watermark. It is always so funny. 9:50 rolls around - hardly anyone there. 9:55 - slightly more but still not many. 10:03 the place is rocking with people. It is funny to watch.

Sunday afternoon was all screwed up. No life group last night. Thompson's - group leaders - headed east for some lame reason. Ok, it was not lame - I am bitter. A friend of theirs showed up from England. I will pray about my attitude. Johnson's had a way busy weekend - including Jeff working second shift. They served all day for the Science O group. Which BTW, will be headed to the national competition. Again, congrats to Ross and all on that team!! That just left me and the kitten to hang out and relax.

On AMC, Star Trek III was playing. I only bring it up because the graphics were so lame. It is amazing how far we have come in the CGI world to make things look so real. Anyway, I am glad they found Spock. What would the rest of the saga be without him?

Off to work I go, hi ho hi ho

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