Thursday, May 13, 2004

I do not like the new look

It is not the look, it is the comment section. I like knowing who is sending what comment. I do not know why I am so block headed over this, it is difficult to manipulate the look of the blog. I have come to know this as a piece of myself. So it is personal to me.

With that said, I am behind on the blog stuff. So here is a recap.

Sunday afternoon: Hung out with the life group and the life group's leaders parents. That was fun. And Hey a shout out to Zoe - for looking so good Sunday morning. She had her baby dedication. That was cool. Anyway, good times at Thompson's house.

Monday: Normal hi ho out to work I go day. Monday night I put the finishing touches on my MLG outline. Watermark is offering the opportunity to have mini life groups (MLG). The focus is to gather in a smaller setting with a limited time and scope. Pretty cool concept. It allows people who have smaller chucks of time to commit an opportunity to be in a life group. Anyway, I will be leading some of these - which I am excited about.

Tuesday: Sent the MLG outline to Steve D. and Steve T. In a very encouraging way, ripped the crap out of it, and pieced it back together. I say that, knowing I am going to get some flack. I am exaggering. I asked for them to go it. I asked for the input. And they were both great about it. Just kidding guys.

I also participated in the Watermark Staff lunch. The main topic - how to define Life Groups. WOW! What a great conversation. Talk about tearing it down and building back up. I am very excited to hear how the conversation landed. I had to leave before the final draft. We will find out at the gathering Sunday.

Wednesday - Another day worked. I picked up the Boo at her dance class. We had dinner; did her homework; and went to play soccer together. We have a park very close to my house where Becca & I hang out a lot. I am committed to losing weight. So part of that processing is great out and exercising. So, Becca schooled me on the art of soccer. She is pretty go for her age and it was fun getting beat by her. Then we went home and I started on a survey I need to do for an evaluation coming up.

I am sure I commented on this before. But I am working on getting licensed and ordained thru the Wesleyan church as a pastor - it scares me too just typing those words. At the end of this month I will be meeting with the District Board to talk about me, where I think God is heading and ministry in the Wesleyan church. A little scary meeting. Should be good though. I am half excited about it.

That's all for now. Need to run out and get some lunch.

From the point of no return.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carter,

A wise man once said to me, "Avoid the ordained ministry...if you can" His point was that when God calls a person into that place there is an inevitability about it - a certain uncertainty (I like that phrase) is not a bad thing when exhaustively reflecting on whether this truly is a call from God or not...

Blessings for the journey


Steve said...

I like the look, but I don't like that you have to sign in before commenting. But I'm dealing with that issue too.

In case anyone was wondering, my feedback for Carter's MLG stuff was that it all sucked and he needed to start all over. But I did it in a very encouraging way.