Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Read the Thompson blog

I was out of town and did not have time to catch up on the blogsphere.  I was reading Thompson's most recent blog about the intervention he had.  I love reading the comments section because there is always someone with a different spin - good, bad, funny or serious.

This was a response to that blog.  Read the blog and then read the comments.

I heard a pastor say once that a lady from his church complained about someone smelling of cigarette smoke in the pew near her. He told us later that he wants his church to stink a little bit. Acceptance, it's what Jesus specialized in, and I don't. Yet.
"The church should be the same kind of community, but somehow it's become a culture of dressing up, retaining anonymity in a crowd, performing duty and listening to a professional."
My heart resonants with that thought.  I want to be the church.  Jesus did specialize in acceptance.  We were discussing this in a group I was in on Monday.  How we miss the point on how Jesus responded to people and how he calls us to do likewise.  How in our weakness he is strong.  Inspite of our hangups, he continues to impact, influence, and change lives.

Thought for the day.


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