Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Hi all

the weather is wonderful here. I could easily move. Although, all of watermark would have to move with me. It pains me not to be at the gathering. It is disappointing.

Anyway, my trip to NYC was good, but long. We received the call late on Wednesday and two of us were dispatched to take care of the problem. We left Grand Haven at about 6:00 pm. We stop in PA at about 1:30 am; found a hotel and had a short nights sleep. We got up the next morning at 7:00 am and made it to the job site by 3:30. After some quick conversations, we had work to do. The customer added a bunch of stuff that had to be done because the store opened the next day. Suck. We left there Thursday evening about 9:00 pm and arrived back in Grand Haven Friday morning at 11:00 am. It was a long trip. We did that so I could have time with my daughter before going to CA. Which is where I am right now. This traveling is killing me.

So my flights left on Sunday morning at 11:20. Again, suck. I arrived in CA 3:30 Pacific. Didn't do much that day. Monday arrived and work continued.

I am taking a moment to write just to say. I am missing home and missing my daughter. Hope to see you soon.

Lost in San Fran,

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