Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Well it is Monday or Tuesday or something


That was my attempt at being pomo. Ya know.

I recently acquired a new cell phone. Well, a cell phone on steroids. It is the new Blackberry from Nextel. Yes, it is cool and I am pleased to have it.

Next Monday starts a new chapter for me. I will be taking Monday afternoons off to meet with the Watermark fellas. I am excited about helping with programming. That is if they tell me where they are meeting - right Kiwi?

Great weekend. Becca arrived back this weekend. ROCK ON! I know the trip was great for her and I know it was great doing, seeing and being with her mom and step dad - seeing her new cousin, old cousin and aunt & uncle she has not seen in a while. But it was sure good to see her on Sunday.

I have some deeper thoughts about the weekend, but I will need to share those later.

Until then,