Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we are...

*** for those who emailed me or commented, there has been a change of plans for my friend. Because of time, he decided to hire some help to take care of the move. Thank you so much all of you who contacted me. It is cool to see our community willing to set in and help.

Busy week. Lots going on. All good stuff. just lots of it. Our life group is hosting a garage sale tomorrow. So part of the week has been spent moving stuff, unpacking, labeling and just general tiding up. The garage sale is to raise money for a local family we have adopted. It is so cool to see our group engaging this way. All the proceeds from the sale will go to the family. It is awesome that the group is contributing. It is awesome that we have an indoor heated place to have the sale. And it is awesome the individuals outside our group is contributing.

After hearing part of the story from this family, it sure makes me thankful i have the things I have. I have been thru the ringer -- but not like this family.

Anyway, I was sad to hear this week about a friend who died this week. A great guy; servant, musician, worship leader, family man, just a great all around guy. i contacted a friend of mine who filled me in on some of the details. My heart breaks for the family because this was so sudden. I count it a priviledge to have worked with and known this guy. He is experiencing God in a way we cannot relate to.

Peace -- my friend.

Well, i will report on the sale.

Playing keys this weekend. I lovin it.


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