Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Records day

What is that anyway? GH public schools has had the last two days off. One was an in-service day and the other a records day. the "up" side is that i had Becca for those two days. it has been good to hang out with the Boo.

Speaking of Becca, here is a Tigger the cat training update. i have two 3' bar stools at my place (much like in a circus for the lions....um yeah). Anyway, she has him jumping from one to another --- sometimes. I think the key is if Tigger is in the mood to humor her. I think that is true. Well, she keeps trying and he keeps getting treats. What a deal?

At the gathering this week, we set up everyone into community groups. We will meet after the teaching time and "talk amoust ourselves". The idea is to show what community is about. Meeting new people, connecting with someone that you may not ever talk to. And as a bonus discuss a question from the teaching time. I watched first gathering. It is amazing how some people dive right in and some are reserved. For guys like Thompson, Takas and Wade the drumma, this is the type of thing they live for -- are wired for. it is a gift. For others, i imagine it was a push.

I sat into a group 2nd gathering. And the question was what is truth. WOW. my head hurt for a minute. many thoughts ran thru my mind. My life before Christ and how i would answer that. To my life after Christ, my college experience where I had to take things up a notch and actually had some philosophy classes. To marriage and divorce and being a dad -- and discovering who i am in Christ. I am not sure how to answer the question, what is truth. Modern or Postmodern. My experiences as a filter.

I am sure of this -- i will be struggling with it over the next few weeks.

On a personal note, on January 26th at 2:00 pm, i have a friend who needs some help moving some furniture here in GH. If anyone is available to help move some stuff and load it into a trailer, let me know. I can let you know where to be. That's awesome. I am thinking an hour at the most.

Well, monopoly is calling.

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