Saturday, January 08, 2005

An evening with the Thompsons

i received a call today from steve inquiring about this evenings dinner plans. nothing on the dock so we enjoyed meatloaf and veggies at the thompson. Becca really wanted to watch "Elf" with the boys so she brought the movie with us. well, because of so technical difficulties we ended up back at my place watching the movie. i was having fun watching the boys, Zoe and Becca interacting. Becca was trying so hard to be the host with the most. that was fun. anyway, a good night -- two thumbs up.

So i am on deck tomorrow to speak about our life group. there are some mixed emotions about that. things i am dealing with and moving thru. Normally, i would not have a problem talking about it but for some reason i am struggling. more on that later....

well, it is late and i should get some sleep.

i am addicted to a Playstation II game called Ratchet and Clank. go team.

good night,

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