Monday, January 10, 2005

Son of a nutcracker

Yes, Becca and I watched Elf last night. That scene always cracks me up.

Programming today. Should be another good session. We are talking about the next teaching series on Truth. Last week, Deurty shared his vision on where we are headed -- great stuff. it is good to hear from the coach where God is leading and how we can support that.

I think i mentioned Gooch and I are doing the Body for Life thing. I am reluctant to talk about it because I have not had success with dieting before. But i am going out on the limb. Eating healthy is expensive. I know I need to lose that thought. So is gas and I some how have money to move my car, right? Anyway, he has already scene some positive results. That is awesome.

Well, that is one of many things i am working with today. Take those daily problems one bite at a time. Whoa! wait. 6 meals, 6 exercise what?

I want to be His clone,

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