Sunday, January 02, 2005

And so it begins...

The first gathering of 2005. Yup, i was at home sick. I thought I could shake it but no. But I did make it to life group tonight and it was good. We are growing as a will be exciting to see how God blesses.

Speaking of tonight, we went around the group and asked what the focus for the year -- on individual level. Pick one thing and focus/make change/do what you gotta do for the year. I have been thinking about it and the vote is in....discipline. Discipline in health, reading, listening to God, journaling, praying...oh man. That is it for sure.

So i ask, does anyone else struggle with discipline? I do! I have always had a problem with authority -- long live the 80's --. It is something I had dealt with for a long time. So, doing the things I know I need it -- yes bites. But i am excited because I think i have the right support team with me to push me and hold me accountable. yup, i think so.

That's it. Gotta spend time with the Boo. School tomorrow ya know.

Slowly breaking,

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