Saturday, January 15, 2005

the weekend is here

hi ho,

it is saturday and i am listening to my daughter talking to people on the phone. Apparently, there is a contest at Moto to bring the most people. She is excited and motivated. it warms my heart to see her so excited about this.

Pretty good week. Becca and I had a birthday party to go to last night. It was my nephew, Drew. He is 10 years old now. Yikes, the older these kids get, the older i feel. I can remember holding these guys when they were babies and now...he ended up getting a pretty cool gift from his mom and dad. Plus, it was good to see the family again.

The week was good. I finally received my first unemployment check. All should flow smoothly now -- i hope. Now, i just have to manage money wisely and it will all work out.

well, gotta go for now.


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