Monday, March 08, 2004

Hope all is well in your world. My daughter and I purchased a cook book. The book was to support her school. We decided that we would take one recipe a week and make it for ourselves. The time has been great fun! She is learning and I am learning. Just great bonding time.

I help some family members move this weekend. I was sore the next day. This family does a tremendous amount for me and my daughter. Becca gets dropped off there every morning and returns there after school. It is really a great situation because I know she is with family and she is safe. In addition, we went to another family members house for dinner that night. Here is the kicker. This is my ex-in laws. Now I know that it seems weird. But I have a good relationship with my ex-wife and her family. It takes HARD work. But we make it work.

Sunday we talked about Goliaths in our lives. Man, I spent lots of time Sunday afternoon reviewing that little topic. Great worship, awesome message. We had Core Focus Sunday evening. This is a time where we gather to discuss what is happening in the body. It is usually a great time to hear about what's up.

More later.

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