Friday, March 19, 2004

It has been a while. Sorry for the less than 5 of you (and N8....please do not drop me) who actually read this but I have been out of town and did not have internet access. But I have a lot to say. I may break this up over a few posts. Let the reader beware.

It is so apparent to me how God is pointing things out. I have been reading several books and they are all showing me the same things. I was one who is missing the point. I have felt a huge transition in my life because I am embracing where God is directing my life and what that actually means.

Let me start with where I have been the last week. Last Sunday was awesome by the way. We heard the message once again shared in a way. Extremely life changing. I was loving myself playing keys for the worship team. And I got to be the guy to change the media from computer to video. A big job (a click of a button) but I was up to the task.

I left after the gathering time to head for Philadelphia, PA. It was a job related trip. I needed to head out to do some audio/video replacing of equipment. It is about 13 hours to drive from the Haven to Philly. So this is why I left on Sunday. I traveled alone - just me, a cargo van, some equipment and tools, am/fm/cd radio, and Jesus. What a trip. I made it as far as Elyria, Ohio before I hit the sack. I do not know if you have traveled the Ohio turnpike but it is boring. On the flip side, the pit stops along the way have Starbucks coffee. A huge plus. This gave me the opportunity to start some conversations and receive some new friends. A river moment from me was when an older couple was having some problems navigating their map. So they asked me if I had a moment to help out and I did. After a few minutes of helping out, I asked a few questions about them and engaged a little deeper. After a few, we were praying together and moved on our way.

I really feel like we need to stop and look for opportunities to engage - as the captain on Star Trek the next generation would say -. There are many God moments - river moments - that can happen if we would allow it.

For those who are not aware of the River comments, check out Watermark's website and get involved.

From the point of no return,

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