Tuesday, March 09, 2004

There are two issues I came to grips with over the weekend (two of my "goliaths" as it is). Exercise/dieting and authority figures. In conversation with me, it does not take long to figure out I have a problem with both. Let me just be frank here for a moment -- I am not sure who frank is but...... -- I have always had an issue with authority figures. It is rebellious thing I realize, probaly stemming from my childhood with a sprinkle of parental influence. From teachers to bosses, I struggle with authority figures. Secondly, dieting and exercise. I do not mind the eating right thing -- after all, 75% of the word diet is DIE! -- exercise is the big killer for me. I only bring this up because as I was driving to work this morning, who do I see jogging? STEVE THOMPSON. Now for those who do not know, he is Watermark, he is my small group leader and he is now part of my accountability group. The thing that sucks is he was jogging and looking good doing it. So in this light, God has perfect timing and a great sense of humor. I hope to be able to jog with Steve someday. By the Steve, I hate you now. (in a loving way).

For me, I need to follow the Nike phrase - Just do it. And I would encourage as well. Healthy self evaluation is excellent. Reviewing where God has taken you from to where you are now is awesome. Pray for me as I deal with these (and many other) issues.

Ranting and ravening today,

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