Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I have been on a website with some friends from high school. It was been fun to regroup with them and hear what is going on in their lives. The question recently came up about the movie the passion and hear is my response. The question is "after seeing the movie, did I think it was anti-semitic?"

Ok. It has taken me a day to respond. I want to make sure I give an honest answer.

First of all the movie was done well. Photography; story line; music; sub text; pacing (they have flash backs); it is all done well.

From a biblical perspective. The movie does take some creative license. There are scenes where things a little out of focus. But for the most part, it is pretty accurate to the bible. There are some catholic tradition references.

The interesting thing is the directly opposing critics of the movie. It is either a great theatrical presentation or a texas chain saw massacre of Jesus.

I have a religious background. I actively attend a church. I believe in what the bible says and what it means. It is difficult to divorce myself from that. So do I think it is good. Yes. Do I think it is graphic? Yes. Do I think is appropriate for children or even younger teens? No. Anti-semitic? It is a representation of what happened. I do not look at the movie Roots and think "wow. That is really anti-Caucasian."

In all honesty, I am glad I saw it for these reasons. 1. Discussions like this. The whole religious movement (except for some truths)(which we can discuss later) is a persons opinion on the subject. I enjoy discussing and helping others understand. 2. The whole idea of what Christ went thru. I did have a reference of what happened during that period. But I did not have a visual. And as a visual person, I now have a better understanding of why he did what he did. I can tell you this much. I am glad I went to see it with some friends I could deprogram with after ward. It is very visually impacting.

I hope I have not bantered too long and have answered the question.

I am still reeling from the movie.

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