Saturday, March 20, 2004

Wow. What a great Friday night. Becca (my daughter) and I rented way to many movies from Blockbuster last night. It is fun to see her making choices. I will tell her how much she can spend and her mind goes into overdrive figuring out how much she can get with the money she has been allowed. I think this is a good life lesson to teach. It provides an opportunity for her to be part of the decision making and helps her think thru the consequences. That is good solid stuff.

We also went out for breakfast this morning. Right before we left, she said she wanted to take some of her money with her to pick up something (yet to be determined). We always have great conversation. But a cool thing happened. As we were walking into the restaurant, we saw a couple high school kids hang out side the door. They were collecting money for Love, Inc. Love, Inc is an agency in our community that does an incredible work in peoples lives. From money to food to advice to council to pray, they are in the community making a difference. As we were walking up, I see Becca put her hand on her pocket. And without missing a beat, walked right up and put her money in their bucket. I asked her about it after and she said it felt good to do the right thing. Then, not to brag further, after we were done eating, she asked me if she could offer them something. I said go for it. She got right up walked outside and asked them if they wanted something. It was a miserable morning here weather wise. So I am sure those coffees tasted really good to those teens. I told Becca how proud I was and all she said was "I am being the church, Dad. It is the least I could do."

After taking a moment to wipe the tear from my eye, I hugged her and tried to affirm what she is thinking and doing. Out of the mouth of babes.....

At our last core meeting, we had some interesting happen. While we were gathering to eat, several teenage guys came in and helped themselves. Normally, I think people would be upset by that. How dare they just walk in and start eating????? It was great to see people introducing themselves and welcoming the teens in without making them feel bad.

Somewhere there is truth in all this. LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES. GOD WILL PROVIDE THEM!!!!

Until next time,
Becca's dad.

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