Saturday, September 11, 2004

the weekend is here

I am just finishing up a long night at the bridge. I am having creativity block. Gooch wanted me to work on some video stuff for Sunday's gathering and I am blocked. No worries though. I will get a hold of him and brainstorm some things later tonight.

Pick up becca in a few hours; after I get some sleep that is. Spent part of last night at the Johnson's house. Yes, a flame was lit. Conversation was great.

No new revelations. I am struggling with my bible reading right now. I was talking to Jeff about this last night. We, Jeff, Gooch and I, have commited to reading the chronological bible and hold each other accountable. We are somewhere in the old testament in the Moses/Aaron domain. yikes.

Anyway, in another hour my work week is complete and I will have a few days off.


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