Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It is Tuesday.

Man I am telling you. I had a great weekend and a great Monday. One of the things I am enjoyin about this new job is my schedule. I am able to take my daughter to school. That is awesome. I really enjoy that time.

Saturday was ok.

Sunday was awesome. The gathering was great. Thompson provide the teaching. It was great. Yes, for those that were there. my name does mean "one who drives a cart". I love to drive, but that is a whole different conversation. I went to lunch with a friend I had not seen in a while. That was great. Then I picked up The Boo. We just had some good down time playing games and stuff. Then the road rally. That was fun. We have a great life group. Anyone wanting to check it out - we meet on Sunday evenings usually at Thompsons. It is a great group. Thompson is a crazy driver. I did all I could to slow him down. But he is very competitive.

Monday came. Broke in slow. Took Becca to school. Side note: I hate fund raisers. Especially those that involve candy bars. I think I personally supported Becca's class trip. Anyway, then we had program meeting. What a great meeting. We attacked some issues we are struggling with and came out with a great plan. This team is so passionate about reaching the lost. It is awesome. I sometimes feel really inadequate next to the team, but I am so glad I am a part of it. They certainly push the bar.

Well, its Tuesday. I am in the tower today. Until 7:00 pm. At which time I will go home and make sure the cat is still doing ok.

I am in the middle of packing. Anyone with ideas on where to get boxes (good boxes) please forward that on. I have a couple of weeks and I will be moving.

No other profound thoughts.

Watching the traffic go by,

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