Saturday, September 04, 2004

The long weekend is here.

I had a great fire side session the other night Jeff and Gooch. I love these guys because we are like minded on lots of issues. We challenged eah other in areas we need to be challenged in. One of the areas is in reading scripture. Guy, I have such a rebellious spirit this way. Once I start reading , it is great. I am walking away with some new to chew on and think about. And i that process, God speaks. The problem is I hate actually sitting down and doing it. I know what you are thinking. Goodness, you are 38 years old, grow up and get it done.

I totally agree.

Jeff and I really feel like the time is now to launch our ministry idea. We have been baking this idea for quite some time and it is finally taking shape. If we are all ministers, what does that look like for you? Your spouse? Your family? Your extended family? Your job? What does that look like. We are convinced that our passion for the next generation is growing more and more. Jeff has a burning passion for youth pastors and leaders, local mission, and serving the community. I have a passions for worship and technical excellence and the emerging church. We both have a passion for the lost. I know I am "skiming" over detail. Jeff and/or I would love to talk to anyone who is more interested in detail.

I guess we have really bought into the Watermark philosphy. You are a minister. Go and "be the church".

I am rambling. I guess what I am saying, and have said before, is this - watch for the opportunity. God will provide the right time, the right person in the right place for you to develop relationships. If we watch how Jesus handled things, he listened; he prayed; he interacted; he served; he provided leadership and vision; he taught; he touched people lives with his message: God is relentlessly pursuing us. He wants to be in right relationship with us.

More thoughts later,

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