Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Can Fall really be here?

It looks as though we are in for cool temperatures for a while. I am ok with that. No snow is still good in my book. In fact, from about 12/20 to 01/05 is really enough snow for me.

I am in the tower today. 7 am to 7 pm. I discovered if you open the doors and windows on the 3rd floor and the windows on the 1st floor, a monster breeze flows thru. Did I mention I am doing some odd CAD work on the side? Well, I am. It is good to keep my brain active while doing the tower thing.

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Need I say more. Except moving provides a great opportunity to "weed out" existing inventory if you know what I mean. I am enjoying that.

I think I may have mentioned I am taking on a different role at Watermark. Working with the programming team is great. The team is awesome. We think up some of the craziest things. But all in all, it is exciting to see where God is leading this community of believers.

What can I say? I am excited about the new stuff coming up. Here we are 1 year into this church plant, making more opportunities for people to know Christ. I say it that way because it is two-fold. to come to know and to know more. I really appreciate the attitude and heart which is a part of Watermark.

To God be the glory. Do you remember the mentoring relationships I was involved with? Since moving to this new job, I have had to be more intentional (that was for Gooch) about meeting with them. I recently had coffee with one of the guys at the ministry center downtown GH. You know, Jumpin Java. Anyway, after some conversation, the other guys showed up. After some conversation and confession from the one who is a Christian, the non-believer started talking openly about his life. to make the long story short, he accepted Christ. WOW. 9 months of conversation and relationship building. It was cool. He loves in Holland. So I made some calls to a good friend I know down there who will pick up the ball where I left off.

Were you at Core Focus? Great time with the group. One of the statements that stands out to me was this "you may be #15". I think it is in reference to a song. The moral or morale is this stay at it. Relationships can be difficult. God will provide opporunities.

Gotta get back to work.
Becca's dad

PS. I too share the same feelings expressed by others in the blogsphere. One of our greater minds has fallen and is no longer blogging. a moment of silence for N8. "PAUSE FOR SILENCE". thank you

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