Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hello, my friend, hello

just called to let you know...

What the?

What a great couple of days. I met with the fellas for programming yesterday and sat in on the staff lunch today. I am slowly emmersing... what. I recently was asked to upgrade my responsiblities at Watermark. We have a need for a production director on sunday mornings. The PD will be responsible primarily for timing. In addition, there is a list of other things. Coordination and comunication. Encourage and accountibility. I am excited because I can help shape the vision during programming and then implement at the gathering. I am excited about that. I think it is something God has opened up. It is a logical next step for Watermark.

Today, we broke bread together. No really - lunch. Gooch, Nate, Wally, Pot, Roach and Mrs. Roach (what) and Jayz. What a crew. Creativity was flying. Deur was missed. Shout out to Steve. and a moment of silence................... enough. It was cool to hear what is going on in each life. Had a great convo with Pot about music composing and the passion in his life. As I sat there, I realized I was the oldest. Suck.

Anyone know what 242 is? More later.

I received some clarification today. Let me explain. I have had some conversations with the fellas what our culture at Watermark. It was really cool to hear about the next phase of development. Watermark is all about developing it's people; reproducing characteristics in people. I am was encouraged when they laid the vision out. All I can say is this: the future looks awesome. God is at work. I know I am not giving any details. To be honest, I am not sure the fellas are ready to annouce the next steps. Please pray for the guys. They are being stretched. Year two is going to be great.

I am watching the STUPIDEST show on tv right now. Fox is the one station that comes in clear. The show is called elimidate. I am not even going to go into the premise of this show. Avoid it at all costs. I feel my IQ falling.

Well, anyway, signing off

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