Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How you doin?

I am overlooking the Grand River today. It is amazing what you see up here. People are crazy driving across that bridge. I love it when I hear a horn honk. It is one of two things: I believe it is my fan club just saying hi - both positively and negatively. Because there is an increase in honking, I know the fact that I am a bridge operator is getting around. I like it when people wave and honk. I would like remind some that they need to wave with their WHOLE hand not just one finger. That you, Dennis Jackson for reminding all of us of that fact.

Did that camping thing this weekend with the Boo. It was so much fun. Within 1/2 hour we had the camp set and ready for fire. So we jump in our swimming attire and headed off to the pool. Becca is part fish - no really I am convinced somewhere in her background is a mermaid. In and out up and down. She had a great time. I thought I may as well jump in. Right? Holy cow, Batman. THAT WATER WAS FREEZING. Do you think that fact came up while talking to Becca? NOOOO! I am often amazed at the intestinal fortatude (that was for Gooch and Deur) that kids have. Their ability to adapt and adjust not only physically but mentally or socially.

Did I mention I met my neighbors camping? talked about life, camping, the weekend. We shared some smores. Talked alittle about Jesus (hey - they brought it up). By the end of the two days, I think I had the opportunity to pray with a couple of them about things in their life.

Which again brings me to the point that I know I have brought up several times. Look for the opportunity to get to know someone. Share part of your life, your story. Look for God to move and then walk thru the door. I am sure it was alittle awkward for them when I started talking. It was for me. Yet God provided an opporunity to talk, get to know, and influence. Now I do not know what will happen as a result. I know this: I was able to plant some seeds. I pray God will not let the seeds die. Only He knows the outcome.

Sign off from the Bridge

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